Quick Rant: This sh** is not easy!

I run a website. An event promotion website. I am an events manager. Not a tech person. Hence my frustration.

Starting up any kind of business is hard; it has its challenges and bad days. But starting a business on a platform you have no experience in brings its own special brand of headache.

Every day I’m faced with problems that are so foreign to me I have to clutch my head in my hands and pray I don’t get another migraine! I want to say it’s worth it but to be honest I don’t know yet. It seems like it will be in the long run but who knows. For now, all I know is there’s so much more to this entrepreneur thing than anyone can ever prepare you for. A good idea is not enough; you need will-power, strength, determination and an ability to bounce back from setbacks (something I am working on).

I knew I would need to know the basics of running a website. I knew marketing was more than just scheduling a couple of tweets and hoping for the best. But who knew the true depth that is SEO Optimisation (well true Marketers of course!), who could have even prepared me for receiving warning emails from Google about something called an SSL Certificate?

I’m going to handle it, learn it and thrive of course because I truly want and believe in this, but what I’m trying to say is; being an entrepreneur is not easy. If you chose to embark on this journey please do it with your eyes wide open and preferably a strong support system; because it’s really easy to break!





  1. IamAspis

    I read your blog, and started smiling to myself, as those issues you have, I have just the same. I have a Business Consulting company, called Aspis Business Consulting, and its not as easy as people make it out to be, its hard work, your going to lose sleep. But, when it catches on, all the Aleve that has been taken, will be well worth

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