Palacio del Negralejo – Madrid

Last Month (June), I spent a couple of days in Madrid for work. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to explore very much but on our last night we went to Palacio del Negralejo for a networking dinner. Sadly, a lot of my pictures were deleted but here are a couple and check out Tripadvisor for more.

Venue Forecourt
Outdoor bar area


The venue was gorgeous, an excellent event and wedding venue. It was the epitome of Old Spanish elegance. Lovely scattered buildings, lots of greenery, a beautiful view and great décor. As it was a lovely evening they had us outside with a tapas buffet, Basque cuisine and barbecues. It was a great selection of food, all of which was average to good.

The ambience and entertainment heightened the experience for me. There was constant background music from the moment we arrived with people scattered on the roof tops playing guitars and gently singing.

After a couple of hours the stage lit up and we had flamingo dancers and various bands. It was a lovely evening and I would highly recommend this place for a romantic dinner, corporate event or wedding.


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