My Exhibition News Piece

A few weeks ago I was approached by the Editor of leading event industry magazine Exhibition News to write an opinion piece. The brief was: “700 words on anything you face within your job. Oh and it’s needed within the next 5 hours”

The race was on and although it was a lot of pressure, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It reminded me of an event in a way; a short time frame to get it perfect. Once it’s published, that’s it, eyes are on it; especially as this was to be the print issue that was handed out at International Confex 2016.

The end result:

For me this was a bit more than just writing a piece as a favour for the Editor of a popular magazine. This was also a test for me. I typically HATE being centre of attention or even just off-centre! My comfort zone lies behind the scenes, quietly making magic (events). But this was my chance to put my name out into the world a little more. It’s becoming more and more important for event professionals to become known. To network, to build contacts, to have a social presence. This is a challenge for me, as I know it’s a challenge for others. I picked this career because I enjoy being involved in something bigger than myself; creating memorable experiences for people. However I also chose it because I like to be an integral cog in a mostly silent team. I like to be invisible, stealthy. An omniscient magic maker.

But times are changing, and we must change with it. I embrace the change, although it scares me from time to time.

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