Kuala Lumpur

Last year I spent 24 hours in KL, Malaysia on a venue finding mission. It was awesome to see Malaysia for the first time, even if it was just a quick trip!

The contrast to Singapore (where I was hosting an event when I was asked to make the quick trip over to KL) is astonishing. Where Singapore is clean, ordered and perfectly put together, KL is unapologetically messy (in the nicest possible way). I loved it and can’t wait to head back over there!

I flew Malaysian Airlines (on the anniversary of the MH370 missing plane saga…eek!) which was lovely and quick! I then took a cab into the city centre where I was staying (Doubletree by Hilton).

Most of my time was spent venue hunting but I managed to steal an hour or two to meet up with a colleague and have a look around! I went to see the Petronas Towers (the tallest twin towers in the world) as well as a few shopping malls and a lovely food market!

Arriving into KL
Petronas Towers
Doubletree by Hilton pool

The traffic on the way back was something special! After the trip to the airport I have a new found respect for the UK’s road rules!



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