Measuring ROI as an Event Organiser

It’s quite difficult for event organisers to establish a concrete Return on Investment (ROI) from an event as, apart from ticket sells, (which is a joint effort with marketing and sales), there are not very many logistical elements that are measurable for us. I always say that as long as no one died and nothing was accidentally set on fire then it was a success!

With the rapid increase in Digital Marketing awareness and use, comes a different future. One where people can and will tell you exactly how they felt about an event; what went wrong, what went right and what they would like to see next without having to wade through a survey or endure a post event call.

Never before have we had such unadulterated access to customer insight. I know I’m not the only event professional who will say that the highlight of an event is seeing the happy look on their visitors/delegate’s faces, but if you’re rushing around behind the scenes when do you get the chance to sit and take in everyone’s facial expression? So having this access is invaluable!

Therefore, encouraging social media use can help to not only drive sales, but to also set the tone of your post show evaluation meetings; social media isn’t just for the Marketing team! People may not bother telling you about their gripes and grievances at the event itself but more often than not they will take to Twitter or Facebook to voice their opinions. From there being no directional sign for the toilet to the Wi-Fi dropping out; these are things you won’t necessarily pick up on unless people actually take the time to tell you. And if you don’t know, how can you give your suppliers feedback/improve things for the next event.

That’s where hashtags come into play. One way to keep track of your event’s social media activity is through creating and monitoring a hashtag, which can be used on both Twitter and Instagram. Your typical twitter user may not consider that the event organizer will wade through all of the hashtag posts; but it is in your best interest to do so! Don’t just come up with random words and post it on twitter one time; really consider your hashtag and promote it in all of your marketing efforts. A couple of tips:

~ How do you measure your event’s success? ~


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