Recently I’ve been feeling out of sync, out of balance. I used to work 11 hour days (including some adhoc weekend trips to the office) and then go home to continue answering emails or work on my own projects. I used to feel so unbalanced, as if work and projects were taking over my life and I didn’t have time for anything else.

However I always found time for a social life; I didn’t lose any friends during this period of work work work and strangely enough I felt fulfilled. I felt like I was achieving something everday. Nowadays, in the attempt to fulfil my 2015 New Year’s resolution of ‘find a work-life balance’, I get to work at 8.30am and I leave dead on 5pm. I don’t have my work phone switched on unless I have an event coming up and I don’t check my emails over the weekend. And I am miserable.

I don’t feel like I’ve been achieving as much at work, I feel like I’m falling behind and I don’t feel like I’m being noticed as a hard worker anymore. All of this is of course all made up in my head. I always get through my daily and weekly To Do lists and 3 months ago I was promoted, so clearly I’m still doing something right.

On Monday I came across this article and then today this one on LinkedIn, both of which spoke volumes to me! Work-life balance is a great concept but what if you actually want to focus and perfect a certain area of your life? Then it’s not really suitable. As I look ahead to 2016 and think about what I want my priorities to be, it’s got nothing to do with my social life, it’s developing my skills and experiences within my career and industry as well as a few financial goals. So with that in mind it might be time for me to change my attitude to spending all of my time working, because after all what good is a work-life balance if you aren’t where you want to be at work?

“If all elements of your life were in perfect balance, with none given priority over another, odds are you’d be living a mediocre life in which you were, at best, a jack of all trades but master of none.”

~ What are your current priorities and how have you had to change your life to accommodate them? ~


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