New Year’s Eve

What do you have planned for New Year’s Eve?

I always struggle with this day; do I go out and brave the cold to see the Mayor’s Fireworks at the London Eye (which is already fully booked), do I go to one of the many overpriced and underwhelming club nights in Central London or do I find a local house party? Every year that I have attempted to go out I have ended up missing the countdown due to some frustrating reason or another and then had to deal with the ever dreadful journey home! But even still I try, every year, to do something, because if I don’t I feel like I’m setting the tone for the year.

I’ve often wanted to throw a New Year’s Eve house party; however the idea of having to worry if everyone’s enjoying themselves, nothing has broken and drinks are still flowing when I want to enjoy my night does not appeal to me. But if this doesn’t put you off and you still want to throw your own kick ass party in 17 days time here are some themes to consider:

 Red Cup Party

Why not have an ‘American frat house party’ theme?! It’s simple, get some red cups, a whole load of alcohol, snacks and make sure the music is pumping all night long. The key to this theme is simplicity; no need for loads of decorations or forced party games; it’s all about a chilled vibe! If you really want to add some entertainment get a table, a ping pong ball and your red cups; beer pong. You can use beer or any kind of alcohol really; it’s guaranteed to get you in the party spirit!

red cup party 2

Tip: have spare ping pong balls on standby for when one rolls under the table; nobody wants that in their drink!

Black, Gold and White

If the simple theme isn’t for you why not go for elegance with a black, gold  and white party? Pinterest has endless decoration ideas such as these ridiculously cute (and useless) feathers dipped in gold glitter:

gold dipped feathers

Or this gold dipped balloon:

gold dipped balloons

Why not add a sparkle to some champagne bottles and flutes for the countdown moment?

sparkly bottles

Get all of your guests to wear something elegant, put on a nice spread of gold, black and white snacks such as these gold glitter dipped oreos and some black and gold cupcakes and you’re good to go!

Tip: Don’t overdo the black; you don’t want your guests to feel like they’re at a funeral. Make sure there’s lots of gold to compliment it and don’t feel shy about throwing some white in there too!




I love balloons! I just think they are such an easy way to make a space look really fun and cute!

On the ceiling

On the floor

Stuck to the wall

With glitter

With confetti

With glow sticks

There is so much you can do with the simple balloon!

Tip: Buy more balloons than you anticipate needing for when some inevitably pop during set up


Throw it Back

Celebrate the new year by reminiscing on the old! You can have anything from old video games, movies and cheesy 80s music for this theme. Either select a decade or tell people to come from their childhood era; 80s babies will be decked out in off the shoulder tops, lace gloves and big hair, 90s babies can bring out the double denim, crop tops and neon windbreakers!

Don’t forget to pay homage with a Polaroid camera/photobooth and some themed snacks like these pac man cookies:


Or these neon cupcakes:

neon cupcakes

And some old skool games like twister, jenga and hopscotch!


Tip: Pre-write some paper fortune teller’s  with truth or dare questions!


Whatever you decide to do, however you decide to celebrate have fun! Laugh until your stomach hurts and your eyes tear up!

What will you be getting up to on December 31st?


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