Event Management is a Legitimate Career

Once again as I scroll down the list of sectors on this online registration form, mine is not there. Even when I’m signing up to attend events my job isn’t listed. I know that technically it’s part of ‘Marketing’ and I’m not asking for every single job in the world to be listed but it highlights something that has been bugging me for a long time. Events Management is a legitimate career.

I don’t know if it’s a demographics thing, and I would be interested to find out so please comment with your thoughts, but the people in my life don’t seem to accept what I do as a real job. The more time that goes by with me still here doing the same thing, the more they are starting to take it seriously. When I first said I wanted to be an event manager a family member’s response was “oh like when I have barbecues at my house”. That day I left their presence and didn’t speak to them again for months I was so offended! As I get older I realise that it was not meant to be offensive, it was purely out of a desire to understand and I should have used that opportunity to educate.

Events are often seen as an unstable and non-lucrative career option to those outside of the bubble but after working within the Industry in a professional setting for almost 6 years I can honestly say that is a huge misconception. All I (and any of my fellow event professionals) need to do is look at the budgets we are given to put on these events and look at the entry fee (especially on B2B events) to see how much money can be made.

In the UK alone, events are a £multi billion industry and this is only increasing with the recent surge in immersive marketing experiences being aimed at members of the public. Events are everywhere but just like advertising, they aren’t always acknowledged for what they are. For example a Cadbury’s give-away at Kings Cross station during Rush Hour with a live twitter wall is a brand awareness event.

Perhaps because events are seen as creative and creative jobs/careers are not typically held in as high esteem as your traditional careers i.e. teacher, lawyer, doctor etc. I recently came across an old article on a similar subject:

A-level results: Top universities secretly list ‘banned’ subjects – teachers blacklist said to contain non-traditional A-level subjects mainly offered by comprehensives rather than private schools: http://www.theguardian.com/education/2010/aug/20/a-level-subjects-blacklist-claim

The world is changing and with that people’s opinions on the subject’s young people study and the careers we choose.

How much does it matter to you what other people think of your career choice?


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  1. lifeandtrialsofatrainee

    Great post. It must be so frustrating to know how hard you work and have it be perceived as “easy”! You’ve hit the nail on the head; times are changing, careers are changing, and people just need to become more informed and embrace that!

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