Making Things Part 2 – Knitting

Following on from my crochet lesson I decided to try out knitting. So I headed back to Wool and the Gang and found a party in my area.

Knitting is harder than crocheting but I find it more rewarding e.g I would prefer a knitted scarf to a crocheted one. During the lesson we worked on a snood, but as it was my first time I didn’t get all that far!

I’ve started off with the basic knit stitch, which is pretty simple. There are many YouTube tutorials that can help you to Cast on and then do the actual stitch. The problem is, I’m a perfectionist and for some reason I keep adding stitches. And although the instructor at the WATG party said it would be ok if it’s only one additional stitch, I still unravel it all and start again (control issues). Which means that the snood I should have finished days ago is still at the beginning stages haha!

Practise makes perfect I guess! The aim is to get to this level:

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