Day One of Meditating

I am aware of over complications of things that should be kept as simple as possible so I was eager to avoid that with this journey. I did a quick Google search ‘how to meditate for beginners’ and came across a WikiHow page. As I’m in a hotel on business I do not have my yoga mat or anything so I put a towel on the floor, closed the curtains, switched off the lights and sat on a folded bed pillow. The website said as a beginner the focus should be on your breathing, as trying to consciously clear your mind can be very tricky; even for long time yogis. I set my phone timer for 5 minutes (but as my media volume was down I ended up meditating for 9 minutes) and sat in silence. For the sceptics, it’s harder than it sounds/looks. I managed to keep my mind consistently on my breathing for about 2 counts. My thoughts managed to travel from the fact that I wasn’t breathing very deeply to what I need to do straight after this to what I was going to wear that day. I am super eager to try again as I would love to be able to clear my mind. I am a thinker, analyser and worrier. I am constantly thinking about at least 5 different things; what happened last week, what I did yesterday, what I’m currently doing, what’s going to happen next, my next meal. Add to that financial worries, future contemplations, work stuff…it’s a surprise my brain hasn’t exploded by now. Or maybe it has in it’s own little way; I am riddled with migraines and ice price headaches (a sharp head pain where my migraines usually are that last about 3 seconds but happen multiple times a day). Cue meditation and yoga.


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